27. - 30. März 2025 Leipziger Buchmesse

A Brave New World

12:00 - 13:00 Uhr Fr. 22. März
Veranstalter: National Center for Books and Reading Albania


New writers meeting.


A Brave New World is the first activity planned to be organized by the National Center for Books and Reading at the International Book Fair in Leipzig. At the fair, the panelists who are new authors in Albanian literature will talk and discuss the originality of the works, the new literary editions of Albanian literature, as well as the universality of the topics they choose to address in their literary creations. How can you be a special literary voice, distinguishing yourself through style, theme, and message? How much does the origin help to create? Does origin make us original in our perspectives and perceptions? What is considered original in the work of a new author? How are the relationships between tradition and individual talent among young authors? In addition to originality, what are the models that young authors must overcome in order to occupy a place as solid as possible in the literary world?



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Forum Weltweit  (Halle 4, Stand E305)


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