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16/05/2022 Leipziger Buchmesse

Leipzig Book Fair Pushed Back to April in 2023

The combination of the Leipzig Book Fair, Manga Comic-Con, Leipzig liest reading festival and the Leipzig Antiquarian Book Fair will take place from 27 to 30 April 2023. "In 2023, the Leipzig Book Fair will take place later than usual in both the exhibition halls and across the entire city of Leipzig", says Martin Buhl-Wagner, Managing Director of Leipziger Messe. "We will finally be able to celebrate the reading of books again with all our partners. The new dates in April offer the safest framework for us to continue our work on developing exciting concepts for this group of events." Registration for Leipzig Book Fair 2023 will be possible from August.

Leipzig Book Fair Director Oliver Zille adds: "The cancellation of this year's event caused a real storm in the book industry that showed us one thing for sure. We all want this book fair to happen. We need this get-together for everyone working in the worlds of media and books. But the pandemic remains unpredictable. To ensure planning security despite this uncertainty, we are pushing the Leipzig Book Fair back to the end of April in the coming year."

Registration for Leipzig Book Fair 2023 will be possible from August. In August, we will publish details on the main themes of the programme and the presentation opportunities as well as the terms of participation. From 2024, Leipzig Book Fair plans to return to its usual month of March.

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