Netherlands & Flanders - Guest of honour at Leipzig Book Fair 2024

Der Mottospruch des Gastlands 2024 "Neugierig auf die flachen Länder?" in schwarzer Schrift auf blauem Hintergrund.
Das Logo des Gastlandes 2024 Niederlande und Flandern "alles außer flach"

„Alles außer flach!“ ["Anything but flat!"]

"Anything but flat!" was the motto as the Netherlands and Flanders geared up for their role as host country of Leipzig Book Fair 2024. Indeed, the authors and artists from the "low countries" were truly scaling new literary heights. Together with their German colleagues and Leipzig Book Fair visitors, they discussed topics such as the climate crisis, overconsumption, the global refugee crisis and the war in Europe. They intended to take a look at the major questions of our time in a wide variety of formats. Alongside classic readings and lectures, literature was also presented with music and visual installations. Visitors were able to experience German-Dutch-Flemish conversations, letter exchanges and podcasts as well as performances on stages and around the city. All profoundly serious but also humorous, joyful and exuberant.

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Images of Leipzig Book Fair 2024

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Project Team Netherlands & Flanders – Guest of honour at Leipzig Book Fair 2024

Dutch Foundation for Literature, Amsterdam
Flanders Literature, Antwerp
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Bettina Baltschev

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Mireille Berman, Project Coordinator
Dutch Foundation for Literature, Amsterdam

Yannick Geens, Project Manager
Flanders Literature, Antwerp

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Flanders Literature, Antwerpe

Jan Steinz, Project Manager
Dutch Foundation for Literature, Amsterdam

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