27. - 30. März 2025 Leipziger Buchmesse
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From Christo to Cortes: Horizons and imagination in the contemporary Bulgarian literature

11:00 - 12:00 Uhr Sa. 23. März
Veranstalter: Ministerium für Kultur der Republik Bulgarien


Conversation between the writers Todor P. Todorov and Georgi Tenev.


Conversation between the winner of the "Novel of the Year 2023" Award, Todor P. Todorov on his novel "Hagabula", and Georgi Tenev, author of the novel "Christo and Free Love", published in German. Discussion on the themes, trends, ideas and borders in modern Bulgarian literature. Who is the modern Bulgarian "hagabula" and how far does free love extend? A meeting with two of the best contemporary Bulgarian writers, a journalist and a philosopher, who will present their works in a national and supranational context.

The event will be moderated by Svetlozar Zhelev, Director of the National Book Center of Bulgaria, and an interpreter will be provided.



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Café Europa  (Halle 4, Stand E401/E403)


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