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On the Jakobsweg - a personal experience report and at the same time a journey to yourself
A Produkt of: Ölsner Verlag
With her subtle words, the author knows how to touch the souls and makes you curious about a pilgrimage experience. In a special way, it describes her feelings, as well as the feeling of belonging and being alone, reports on unexpected, partly bizarre and also formative encounters and reveals that painful borderline experience is part of her Jakobsweg. Her weaknesses and misfortunes also leave her not unmentioned. Seriously and humorous, she tells of them and captivates her readers. You can feel their enthusiasm for the Spanish landscape and the overwhelming nature, their interest in cultural history, their love for people and animals and you can read a lot about hostels and pilgrims from all over the world. You learn many interesting facts about the hundreds of years old Jakobsweg. It is a illustrated pilgrimage report that wants to be read and inspires to go on the fascinating traces of the Jakobsweg.


Ms. Brigitte Falkenhain
author Ölsner Verlag
Ms. Carolin Ölsner
Owner Ölsner Verlag


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