27th - 30th April 2023 Leipzig Book Fair
Leipziger Buchmesse
No one loves my life like me
A Produkt of: Der Erzählverlag

Emilie Bundschuh owed nothing to herself. Her life as an artist, as a wife and mother has been extremely rich and intense. Now she is on the threshold of a new phase and faced with the question: "What do I do with the freedom in the last third of my life?"
The answer comes from one day to the next: Emilie receives what is called a diagnosis. Her life was at stake, the medical guild announced. From now on, Emilie is in possession of a patient case number and lives in the isolation ward of a university hospital.
This novel tells the story of how she manages to preserve the colourfulness of her own being in the white world and makes an unusual decision against all medical recommendations, as well as of the happiness of an unexpected togetherness.
A novel inspired by true events about a woman who is passionately in love with life - full of energetic linguistic joy and insightful wit.

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Ms. Svea-Patricia Kammer
Fair Hostess Der Erzählverlag
Mr. Peter Amsler
Publisher, Educator Der Erzählverlag


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