27. - 30.04.2023 Leipzig Book Fair
Literary Gourmet Library

High-quality and sustainably produced linen volumes with culinary short stories and enjoyable essays. The "Literarische Genussbibliothek" is a bibliophile homage to the beginnings of publishing history. Beautifully designed and carefully printed in Germany:

Braided Bread with Blue Light
Between Alb and Africa - Baking Stories from the Lorettohof
Experiences of the Swabian baker Günther Weber in the bakery or on his travels.

A breviary for palate and spirit
A small gastrosophical manual that won't go out of date - new edition of the classic from 1931.

Truffle Kelp, Pineapple Ants and the Barrels of Mr. Takahashi
Culinary travel stories from the Arctic Circle to Honolulu
The pleasures of our earth in the stories of culinary globetrotter Claudia Zaltenbach:.

Stories from the home office canteen
A declaration of love by Wibke Ladwig to the beauty of the everyday and a collection of essays full of culinary aperçus.


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