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    Yennecott, a Reading & Discussion with Chinese-American Poet Jeffrey Yang

    15. März 2018 | 19:00

    • Jeffrey Yang
    • Dong Li
    Art der Veranstaltung
    Lesung und Gespräch
    Veranstaltungen in englischer Sprache
    Biographie, Lyrik, Philosophie
    Yang reads from his latest poetry collection & discusses his literary practices.

    Drawing on the colonial settlement of Yennecott on America’s eastern seaboard, Jeffrey Yang’s latest poetry collection excavates this buried past through a mix of natural observations and lyrical meditation, using local history and indigenous myth to create a new idea of place. We travel through Yang’s ancestral notes and revealing quotes, his subtle humor and bracing music, as the forgotten meaning of Yennecott slowly awakes and accrues and amounts to an illuminating field of “word-spirits.” This is Yang’s “answer to the words and deeds of history,” where language mutely bonds and becomes geology.

    Yennecott was recently published by Berenberg Verlag in a beautiful bilingual edition. Beatrice Faßbender’s lucid German translation extends the brilliance of the original. For the event, Jeffrey Yang will read from this collection and Dong Li will read from Faßbender’s German translation. Jeffrey Yang will then join an open conversation moderated by Dong Li.

    Jeffrey Yang is the author of the poetry collections Vanishing-Linee and An Aquarium, winner of the PEN/Osterweil Award. The German editions of his works, Ein Aquarium and Yennecott, were published by Berenberg Verlag in Beatrice Faßbender’s translation. Yang is also an accomplished translator and has translated Liu Xiaobo, Su Shi and Bei Dao from the Chinese. He works as an editor at New Directions Publishing and New York Review Books. Currently he participates in the DAAD Berlin Artists-in-Residence Program.
    Dong Li is an English-language poet and translator from China. Among his honors are a German Chancellor Fellowship with the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and a literature fellowship from Akademie Schloss Solitude. Li’s poetry and translation have been published widely and the German translation of his works has appeared in manuskripte and Neue Rundschau.

    The event will be conducted mainly in English with readings in German.
    Konfuzius-Institut Leipzig, Otto-Schill-Str. 1, 04109, Leipzig (Zentrum)
    ÖPNV: Buslinie 89

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