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    Loudly, the next generation vocabulary trainer

    16. März 2018 | 12:00 – 12:30 Uhr

    • Michiel Sanders
    Art der Veranstaltung
    Fachprogramm, Fokus Bildung - Programm für Lehrer und Erzieher, Fachprogramm für Verlage, Veranstaltungen in englischer Sprache, Neuland 2.0
    Bildung/Schule/Kita, E-Book/Internet, Fachprogramm Buchbranche
    The new generation of vocabulary trainers specifically developed for schools

    Loudly is an online platform to learn foreign words and phrases more engaging and efficient by integrating state-of-the-art speech technology and offering different pedagogical concepts. It can be used for generic training and assessment activities with great support for speaking activities. Besides this, Loudly offers social learning and gamified learning modes. Loudly is also an open platform, content from key publishers can be imported easily. Furthermore, it supports Desktop and Mobile devices.

    It is now easy for teachers to use new technology and devices in today’s curriculum.
    The social learning mode is meant for class room usage. Exercises could be shown at the whiteboard by the teacher and students can answer simultaneously via mobile devices.
    Students love these activities and are full of energy after a short session. For the teacher it is easy to organise and check if all students master their learning material in real-time.

    New for students is the possibility of learning foreign words by actually speaking. The innovative speech technology recognizes students speech and does even automatic pronunciation assessment. Beneficial to students who like to practice speaking skills in their own safe environment and at their own pace.

    Finally, there is a real competition mode. Not only serious gaming elements, but the opportunity to become the Champion of mastering a vocabulary list. Or get an honour full announcement in the leader board. Play, Learn and Beat your friends. Probably your students will ask for more.
    Forum Neuland 2.0, Halle 5, Stand F400

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